Trusted Siding Replacement Services for Homeowners in Hot Springs Village, AR

Facade of house with gray siding and bay windowsYour siding protects your home from every damaging weather condition you experience in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Siding also plays a vital role in boosting the curb appeal of a home, as siding is available in several different styles and colors. One frequently overlooked siding benefit that’s just as important as those is energy efficiency, and to achieve optimal energy efficiency, siding should be insulated. At Exquisite Exteriors, we offer local residents their choice of insulated vinyl siding or cellular composite siding as part of our siding replacement services.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Our insulted Mastic by Ply Gem® siding blankets a home in a layer of comfort thanks to a thick underlayer of foam insulation. Because it’s also tough and durable, offering up to 300% more impact resistance than standard vinyl, our insulated siding provides excellent thermal performance for the long term. For proof of its performance, consider that both the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ENERGY STAR® have recognized Mastic insulated vinyl siding for its energy-saving properties.

Cellular Composite Siding

Our Celect® cellular composite siding is a durable and low-maintenance home exterior solution. It has twice the R-value, or insulation value, of traditional siding products and can resist winds as high as 210 mph.  It’s also been proven to withstand the harshest weather conditions without rotting, splitting, cracking, warping, or flaking. Featuring a Kynar Aquatec® coating for UV resistance, our composite siding is available in an array of visually striking colors.

Siding Installation by Dedicated Company Employees

At Exquisite Exteriors, all of our siding installers are our trained and trusted employees, not subcontractors. This policy means that we can confidently back all of the siding projects we complete with a robust 10-year workmanship warranty. Contact Exquisite Exteriors if you would like more details about our siding replacement services. We offer complimentary consultations to homeowners throughout Hot Springs Village, AR.

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