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Vinyl Siding Jacksonville AR You’ll find vinyl siding on just about any type of home in the Jacksonville area of Arkansas. There’s a good reason why—affordability. Since its debut in 1950s as an alternative to aluminum siding, which was prone to denting and warping, vinyl siding has been among the most cost-effective building products for residential applications. It’s highly durable, lasts a long time, and is easy to clean, requiring nothing more than a pressure washer for stubborn mildew and stuck-on debris. While the vinyl siding of yesteryear was often lacking in insulation capability, today’s vinyl siding—more specifically, the siding that Exquisite Exteriors installs—is far more energy efficient.

Siding Up to 300% More Energy Efficient Than Comparable Options

Our Mastic by Ply Gem® vinyl siding features built-in insulation that makes for exceptional thermal performance. Not only will our siding help to reduce your heating and cooling costs, but it will also improve your home’s appearance for the long term. Available in a wide palette of colors that are protected by a special coating to resist UV damage, your vinyl siding will stay looking great for years on end. What’s more, our siding features:

  • Hang-Tough™ technology that makes the panels exceptionally resistant to impacts and thermal distortion
  • A patented locking system that keeps siding panels fastened securely, dramatically reducing the risk of blow-off in even the most intense storms

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