Composite Siding Available for Homes in the Little Rock, AR, Area

Composite Siding Little Rock, AR

Take a good, hard look at your home’s exterior. Is your siding dented or otherwise damaged? Or, is it simply distracting from the otherwise stunning appearance of your home? If so, then consider the benefits of an upgrade. When the time comes to replace the siding on your home, turn to the home improvement company trusted most by locals throughout the Little Rock, Arkansas, area: Exquisite Exteriors. We are committed to transforming home exteriors with, you guessed it, exquisite products — offering a range of high-performance upgrades, including Celect® cellular composite siding from Royal® Building Products. This composite siding is not only engineered to enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it’s also crafted with innovative components that boast unmatched durability and weather resistance.

The Benefits of Composite Siding

At Exquisite Exteriors, we are on a mission to provide our customers with products that are designed to improve the look and efficiency of their homes. And, our composite siding is no exception. Our Celect® composite siding panels are engineered from a cellular PVC material that is, not only beautiful, visually seamless, and customizable in the color of your choosing, but also has double the strength and R-value of traditional fiber cement and wood siding materials. This makes our composite siding 70% more insulative than traditional panels — potentially bettering the thermal performance of your home. Other advantages that make this siding a superior option include:

  • Interlocking joints – This valuable component helps your siding adjust to thermal expansion and contraction rates, eliminating gaps that can occur between the boards of comparable products.
  • Recyclable, cellular materials – Celect® cellular composite siding features a durable material blend that resists dirt, seasonal staining, insects, blisters, flakes, and other signs of premature aging.
  • High wind resistance – For unmatched structural integrity, our composite siding holds strong in winds over 210 mph. Plus, it stands up to impacts under the harshest weather conditions.
  • Kynar Aquatec® color coating – This exclusive technology offers unparalleled UV protection, reducing the pressure on your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round and eliminating the need for repainting.

Best of all, Celect® cellular composite siding is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty and a 25-year color-protection warranty, in addition to our very own 10-year workmanship warranty, for your peace of mind.

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