Siding Replacement Little Rock ARHow to Tell Your Little Rock, AR, Home’s Siding is Due for a Replacement

If the siding on your home is getting on in years, or if it’s showing signs of wear and tear, it’s important to get ahead of the issue. Siding problems that are left unchecked can result in damage to areas of your home that are expensive to repair, like the frame and foundation. That’s why it’s critical for homeowners to know the signs of aging siding, and to get help from the pros if they notice any of them. If you notice any of these signs on your Little Rock, Arkansas, home, turn to the team at Exquisite Exteriors.

Siding Signs to Watch Out For

To avoid costly and extensive repairs, be on the lookout for the following signs of damaged or aged siding:

Dents and Impacts

Hail and other storm-flung debris is a common cause of dents in home siding, but regardless of their source, dents have the potential to cause big damage by creating small cracks that let water in.

Chipping Paint

Besides cosmetic benefits, paint and finishes also provide protection from the elements. Barren patches of siding or areas with excessive paint peeling can lead to rot and mildew.

Warping and Cracking Panels

If your siding has deformed, you might notice cracks or warped pieces. These deformities indicate siding isn’t providing optimal protection, which can lead to water infiltration and other issues.

Bad Curb Appeal

There’s another important reason to consider replacing the siding on your home: its appearance. New siding is an instant boost to your home’s curb appeal and can make a tired exterior feel exciting and new.

Siding Installation Expertise

If you think it might be time to replace your Little Rock, AR, home’s siding, turn to the experienced professionals at Exquisite Exteriors. Contact us today to find out more about our siding installation services.

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