Trusted Siding Replacement Services for Homeowners in the Stuttgart, AR, Area

Facade of house with gray siding and bay windowsSiding is one of a home’s main defenses against the elements, whether blistering heat or torrential rain. As a result, some types of siding can look weather-worn only after a few seasons. These are the siding products that may also leave much to be desired in terms of style and insulation. Fortunately, as a Stuttgart, Arkansas, homeowner, you have access to some of the most attractive, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient siding on the market. That’s because Exquisite Exteriors offers top-notch siding replacement services to homeowners in your area.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Engineered by the respected company Mastic, our insulated vinyl siding is a cinch to maintain. You’ll never need to sand or paint it, and it features a wide selection of fade-resistant finishes that will keep on looking vibrant for many years. Also, thanks to a thick layer of insulation, our vinyl siding, is more energy efficient than traditional vinyl siding and can potentially reduce your heating and cooling costs over the long haul. As if that weren’t enough, our insulated vinyl siding offers up to three times more impact resistance than comparable vinyl siding.

Cellular Composite Siding

Built for longevity with a tough Kynar® coating that makes it exceptionally UV resistant, our Celect® cellular composite siding is remarkably durable and won’t fade over time. It’s no wonder it comes backed by a 25-year color protection warranty. Furthermore, this siding virtually eliminates any worry that your new siding will rot, split, crack, warp, or flake. What’s more, Celect composite siding has twice the R-value, or insulation value, of traditional siding products and can resist winds as high as 210 mph.

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